Table legend

Triplex_name: name of triplexes (Gene-miR1-miR2); Triplex_MFE: minimum free energy of triplexes; Triplex_Con: equilibrium concentration of tripleesx; Triplex_score: score of triplexes; HGNC_symbol: HUGO gene symbol; Gene_type: type of genes; NRvsCR_log2FC: fold-change of protein-coding gene expression in log2 scale (non-responder vs complete responder); NRvsCR_pvalue: p-value of the differential gene expression analysis; miR1/2: name of cooperating miRNA; miR1/2_log2FC: fold-change of miRNA in log2 scale (melanoma cells vs melanocytes); Predictive_target: if the gene is predicted as a potential therapeutic target.